Top tips for Crafts

Our high quality polyester products are solvent and heat resistant, which means they are suitable for practically all craft applications.  So whether you are working with paper craft, sequin art or adding some extra sparkle to your wedding, we have the widest range of products for you to work with.


Top Tips For Surfaces

Our products are suitable for practically all surface decoration, so whether you are screen printing garments, coating walls, floors, ceilings or kayaks, we have the product for you. For product guidance or technical support drop us an e-mail and we can direct you to the correct glitter for your project.


Top tips for Nails

Our glitters are ideal for mixing with acrylic, they can be suspended in nail varnish or dusted onto wet nail polish. We recommend an extra coat of varnish over the top of dusted or placement designs for a longer lasting effect.

Fantastic Franken suspension varnish base now available!